Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time on the Clock

It is 320 days, 13 hours, 1 minute and 45 seconds until Tuesday, November 4, 2008 at 8:00:00 AM. That is the time I will be going to vote for President. I still don't know how I will vote. Choices are wide but not very deep. I feel like I am voting in a High School popularity contest. I don't care if our President IS Popular. I want he or she to be intelligent and caring. I want them to value life but not be foolish. I am scared to death this person will push us into a deeper, darker hole. I want to feel like rational debate is an option. I want common sense to prevail. I know FAIRY TALES...

Monday, December 10, 2007


Those of you who have lived overseas or in major cities with good mass transit can laugh or cry when reading this. For the last 18 days I have made due with out a car in Austin, Texas. I have enjoyed riding my bike, walking my boys to school and taking the bus.

Years ago I worked downtown and took the bus because of horrible parking. The bus schedule was hap hazard at best. I am impressed, today, with the buses on time record and cleanliness. Further, the Drivers offer advice on reaching destinations and are very friendly. That being said we do have major issue to address before more Austinites ride the bus.

The largest problem is the infrastructure. If we are not comfortable walking to or standing at the stop we won't ride. Sidewalks need to be clear; some places need sidewalks period. We can improve our city's quality of life by improving the transportation options.

Every city employee, City Council and the Mayor should ride the bus for at least one week and give feed back. The bus stop as well as the bus should be clean and well lit. The path to the bus stop needs to be clear. Brodie lane has weeds as high as an elephants eye. It is dangerous the stop at Eskew and Brodie is filthy. By requiring City employees, transit workers to get out of their comfort zone and take mass transit we would affect real change. Citizens all over the city would give input for real change for the better.

Those of you who think it is a waste of time and money, think of this, for every person who takes the bus that's one less person on I-35, Mopac etc and one more parking space Downtown. If you whine about waiting while a train passes imagine that being 10 to 40 more cars passing. Business owners out side the Automobile related industry will see more spending for homes, dining, cloths and more.

Not to mention our reliance on the car has surely lead to Americans obesity, declining health and stress.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Golden Compass

I just wanted to address the religious hype on the movie. I'm a Christian, raised Baptist my children are Christian with a strong faith. They are also intelligent young men who I want to think and use their heads. After seeing the movie I told them what some religious people were saying about the movie and about the books. We spoke about the story being against religion and we spoke about Atheism. My eldest (10) said he thought the movie was exciting and the threat was about government. Both boys said a movie would not change their belief and that any parent who believed it would did not teach their kids correctly about God. My point is that we should utilize Movies and adverse opinions for gate ways to discussion. I will never assume my children are not smart enough to make the best choice. After all, I hope I’m preparing them to make these life affirming decisions on their own.

Friday, December 7, 2007


I am so in the zone when I'm creating my artwork. I love it I'll be putting some bags on my site daily just look under Original stuff. You can find screens of the animal designs under Children for less.

I'm trying to carve out a work space in my small home. It's not easy cause I have stuff everywhere it's make my husband crazy. I am using Freecycle to move things out of the house with out moving them to the dump. I love Freecycle and if you need to get rid of something, find something or find yourself throwing out perfectly good things please, please, please use it. I think it is in most major cities. And, if there is not one start one.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Finish Line

A journey starts with one step and relating a healthy life style begins at birth. I have never been competitive though I am athletic. So, when I haul my boys, 8 and 10, out for hikes, rowing, swimming, tennis and the play ground I am passing on my life long habits. All the things I enjoy are free and can be done for a life time. I leave the organized sports to my competitive husband.

Any pregnant woman pictures their child at every stage of life. I pictured my sons walking, biking and generally active. I have walked to keep in shape and would tear up when I saw a family on a walk or a mother running with a daughter. Oh, boy. My kids had been in runs with me but never with their feet on the ground. I dreamed of enjoying a 5K on an equal footing.

Thanksgiving Day we walked the Turkey Trot, a five miler around Austin Texas. We joked and laughed and decided we could not have another Thanksgiving with out this experience. The boys loved the pre race excitement, music, food and just wild atmosphere. We've already planned our next race the Jingle Bell Run. And I see many more races in our future. Darn where are those Kleenex.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Shop is open

Wow. I have my web site up and now I have original stuff on Etsy. It is a great site.
I've got a little view of my original stuff here.

If you check out you can get reproductions of orginals on Tees and posters. I'll be putting more art work on Etsy daily. I've got baby and toddler tees, and some cool adult mystical stuff. I hope you like it or pass it on to someone you know who would like it. This is a major journey. I'd love to get your feed back on the site and what you like or, gulp, don't like about it.

Peace D Badart

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Way or ?

Is there some kind of secret to get kids to listen and do what they need to do? I know my parents hit us every now and then and that worked kinda. But I don't want to rule by fear. I love my parents but the my way or the high way is out for me.

My major problem is two boys who look vacantly into my eyes when i for example ask, "Have you brushed your teeth, tie your shoes..." And later, I find them in various states of not having done what needed to be done doing something totally irrelevant. I remember running around like crazy in the morning getting it done. Is it a boy thing or is it a Generation...what would a ten year old be "Q". I don't know.

I'm trying massive praise and raising my expectation. We'll see how that works. If you have any clues let me know.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I never thought I'd be excited about garbage. This week I realized we had barely filled our can to one quarter. We had three recycling containers filled and almost no waste. A few years ago I made a statement by reducing the size of our can but this was great. WOW!

I'd like to get rid of the can completely but that's down the road a ways. We compost all of our food waste, buy in bulk, recycle and our plastic bags. We also send our unused items to Goodwill and utilize Craigslistfor those things that no one uses.

I think we should be rewarded for not using our garbage pick up. Maybe a credit to our bill. We are the only family on our block that has a small can on the street. Hey what about a plaque. "This Family does not generate copious amounts of waste to ad to our City Land field." It could be signed by the mayor and given out at city hall. Proudly we'd smile and at major events the families with least amount of trash could ride on a float. We'd all brag about our lack of trash and reuse, recycle as much as possible. How bout a medal or a pen, recycled of course.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's your Favorite?

I have created a web site; it is not perfect however I can link all my work together here. I am working on my son,the artist, designs for now. I have translated the artwork into embroidery and have them listed on Cafepress and Imagekind. I want to have shirts made but I'd like to get your unbiased opinion on popularity of images.

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