Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Socially Inept or Gay?

I'm not voting one way or another but... If grandpa starts exhibiting some secret pickup cues of dudes in the john I would not get it. I guess only other gay guys and the really astute cop who arrested him would know for sure. We'll know for sure when other guys come out and say they did him in a toilet some where. And that guy who is a little too close in the john is really too close.


I did a cleanse early this year and loved it. It was a 21 day purification with supplement to help detoxify my body. I ate raw veggies and fruits; three times more veggies as a rule. I had been on long fast before so I was not intimidated. The hardest part was doing with my partner and two kids in the house.

I learned three major things during the process. I am a better cook than I believed, I don't need copious amounts of sugar in my coffee and you are what you eat. If you have to eat veggies and only veggies every day you will make them taste wonderful. I grew up in house with three squares; you know, meat, vegetables and starch was supper. I'd know the last rule before but how often we forget.

My Body, the temple that it is, must be clean and that starts with what I put in it. My eyes are bright, pores smaller, and hips narrower with a natural diet. After the last fast we bounced just about every precessed food out of the house. Organic is the watch word. Not just for in but on our bodies and home as well. There are plenty of great products for all. We can't change the world but I can my little part as bright and safe as possible.

Keep in touch I'll tell you how the latest feast is going with a juice, cleansing six months after. http://www.rawreform.com/


Popular culture has invaded every aspect of our lives. We push Democracy like crack on other countries and we don't even use our freedoms. I'm waiting for Hillary to turn and say, "Ya talkin ta me?"

America I'm talking to you ask for more.

Dee Bad