Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daring Rescue

Daring Turtle Rescue

A turtle crossing a four lane road in Austin, Texas was rescued by a man in Honda Accord. I was turning left from Manchaca to Davis when I notice something  large in inside south bound lane crossing Manchaca, a Turtle.   I paniced in the left turn lane next to the turtle.  Suddenly  a dark colored Accord, going south,  stopped and a tall, bald man stopped in front of the turtle.   He  picked up the turtle and  ran across three lanes, moving north,  to deposited the turtle on the other side of the road. I stayed in the left turn lane waving to on coming traffic hoping no one would rear end the good Samaritan's car. Two cars swung by hooking not knowing of this daring rescue.    I’m glad I witnessed it. Thank you, and I’m sure the turtle thanks you too.

A real hero does  the right thing even when no one is looking.

stock photo Bob Moul May 4

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plan A Family Day

How to plan a Family Day

Like most families sometimes all our circles are moving in different directions. I decided to insist on time to reconnect regularly. I have two teenagers and a husband with a crazy schedule so I planned the day around dad. In the morning I made a family favorite dish that required a dose of cheese and heating up to be table ready. We lingered over dinner laughing and talking over how things were and any changes. The days have been loooong and hot so we took advantage of the cooler afternoon with a walk. I chose an area close to home and not too busy. We actually had the trails to our selves. I got to hold hands and ask serious questions. Through the long walk Mom and Dad got a little alone time with each boy and we connected as a family. I feel like our batteries were recharged and we are in sync again. I little undivided attention is all we needed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Does DIY Laundry Soap Work?

Week Three: DIY Laundry Soap; Does it work?

I used a dry method to make laundry soap with borax, washing soda and a bar of Ivory soap. I like not having a huge bucket around the house so this appealed to me. The soap is easier to handle because it is concentrated. I washed several stained work shirts. I know lots of us have made the soap so I wanted to show how well the powder cleaned my clothes.

I found the powder left behind a fresh, clean smell. It took out some fresh stains but not the old ones but neither did my commercial soap. Washing my work shirts with bleach was much better. Colored and whites are clean and have a great smell with no artificial odors. I give the natural laundry soap a big thumbs up.

Arm &; Hammer Washing Soda $3.54
20 Mule Team Borax $3.54
Bar of Ivory Soap $?

Mix one cup of each and a grated bar of soap. Wash with 3 tablespoons and bleach if needed.

Natural Whitening
Lemon juice
Sun drying

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What not to do if some one breaks a bone.

House Park Broken Bones

Well, we got the call yesterday at about 5:30. My son broke his arm at House Skate Park. Another mom there with her younger kids brought him Brackenridge. I can not thank her enough; I was there a long 25, 30 minutes later. The break was bad; his wrist bones were crossed one almost coming out of the skin. The Doctor who usually handles these cases grimaced, "That is ugly.” True to heart my boy asked about his board before he got on the ambulance to move from Brackenridge to Dell Children’s Hospital so I hope this is the least of injuries to come. The staff at both hospitals were supeior making the best of a bad situation.

I learned a few things from this tragedy. First, I could not have stopped it. I can try to insure his safety by getting a promise that he will never skate alone. Second, I will find him the coolest helmet; but I can’t make him wear it. Finally, if someone is injured do not give them food or drink. This might be nice but if they need to go into surgery it can be very dangerous. Any food or drink can come up into the lungs while the patient is under anesthesia. And always grab a sweater on the way to the hospital.

Love you all. No skating for at least 6-8 weeks

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week Two Recycled Dish Towels

Recycled Dish Towels

I make batches of fun dish towels from fabric scraps. I used old clothes to clean up around my house for years. I would leave old t-shirts under the counter to clean up spills but I still used sponges to clean the dishes. I make dish towels that are easy to make and are great replacement for sponges. Look here for easy instructions to make your own

Della Badart

Texas is Buring

Good Bless Texas Families dealing with these awful fires. Let us all be there to support them in this time of stress. Please let the weather conditions change and pray for our hard working firemen.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Step to more money, time & better health

I like to share recycling ideas; I am pretty extreme.  I hope by seeing some of my habits people can pick a few they can live with to make a better world.

Shopping List saves money, gas and time

I create my shopping list from the items  on hand and recipes for two weeks of meals. This way I rarely have wasted food and I save time and money. I buy all the ingredients to prepare dishes and I post my grocery list/menu on the fridge so my family can pull out a dinner without wrecking another meal.

I also carry this main list to the farmers market so I bring home what I need to complete meals not something that will rot. I will shop for perishables milk, fruit and on those trips I’ll pick up fresh fish or seafood.

This means less trip to the store, more planed healthy meals. It doesn't just save money it's good for you too. 

I suggest you plug in your family standards.  For example we eat pizza every Friday.  Two days done.  I have a few simple meals my kids and husband can make on hand. This helps if I am late, busy or tired.  Also, balance fresh with frozen, pickled or canned.  I hvae a few meals I can make double spagehtti sauce  to use with our version of sloppy joes.  I just pop the extra sauce in the freezer.  The key is planning. 
Real Simple has an awesome Take Back Dinner Challenge that is usper helpful.