Sunday, September 2, 2007

Immigration and Your Job

Americans are on a cheap foreign products diet that balance the status quo of the world economy. As long a we approve, by apathy, of other countries paying low wages, poor working conditions to get our fix we pull our own wages down. You may as how? If WE won't pay fair value, eventually, we won't get fair value. If we make demands with our pocketbook the market (CEO and Stochholders) will listen to market changes. By insisting that all the worlds people have fair wages and decent working conditions we insure our future as well. We insure these changes by making Americans more competitive. We must change the rules to allow companies to serve stock holders and employees.

Companies that out sourced jobs to other countries could have moved those jobs to desperate communities in America. If our community insisted on keeping the jobs in America we help our own economy. Tell companies you will pay to have American made products and services. Why?

Your job may depend on it one day. Eventually, other countries taking advantage of our gluttony will over take the jobs we do want. The market will decide. We don't need government interventions. I am not a Republican or Democrat so much a as a capitalist. The market will decide and consumers have the most power. Vote with your dollars and your convictions will pay off in dividends.

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