Monday, November 5, 2007

I never thought I'd be excited about garbage. This week I realized we had barely filled our can to one quarter. We had three recycling containers filled and almost no waste. A few years ago I made a statement by reducing the size of our can but this was great. WOW!

I'd like to get rid of the can completely but that's down the road a ways. We compost all of our food waste, buy in bulk, recycle and our plastic bags. We also send our unused items to Goodwill and utilize Craigslistfor those things that no one uses.

I think we should be rewarded for not using our garbage pick up. Maybe a credit to our bill. We are the only family on our block that has a small can on the street. Hey what about a plaque. "This Family does not generate copious amounts of waste to ad to our City Land field." It could be signed by the mayor and given out at city hall. Proudly we'd smile and at major events the families with least amount of trash could ride on a float. We'd all brag about our lack of trash and reuse, recycle as much as possible. How bout a medal or a pen, recycled of course.

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