Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I went three weeks without a car every week thinking the car would be ready. We walked, rode bikes and took the bus everywhere. It was actually great. I made a connection to life again.

I had a wonderful talk, laughing and giggling with my son on the way to the grocery store. I rode bikes with my eldest son too. Again, we moved past the question answer periods we usually had in a car trip. The talks that made me feel like in inquisitor. We made real connections.

I not only made more personal links with my family I reconnected with neighbors my environment and good habits. We are now walking to and from school on a regular basis. With out question, this is the most positive contribution. I am in super shape. I don’t weigh less however the package looks much better.

For three weeks all the food going in our home came on our backs. Let me say you consider each choice thoroughly if you must carry it. I did not make many wasted purchases. Leaving my car, that built in comfort zone, made me look at all sorts of choices. Some choices I made begrudgingly but I’m so glad I did.


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