Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poison Apples

I pack a peanut butter sandwich and e an apple in my son’s lunch everyday for school. I know, you’re thinking what a boring lunch. I have tried wraps, meats, cheeses but pbj gets eaten every time.

I have found a whole wheat bread we could live with and a great organic peanut butter. But the chest thumping achievement of the day is apples, yes, apples. I had bought organic apples sporadically and after reading a piece on pesticides made the leap of making apples always organic. After all I was giving it to my son daily. On a recent evaluation my beautiful boy describes his organic apple as “biting into a Capri Sun (a juice box also off the approved foods list). His face lit up with a big smile and I knew I’d hit a home run. By the way, he compared the old apples to eating raw potatoes. I’m happy with lunch and more important so is he.

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