Friday, June 29, 2012

I bought the Master Cleanse book last week and intend to do my first true MC in July. I would like to cleanse my body and drop a few pounds. I am undergoing an emotional transformation now. I am ready for the commitment and work it takes to complete the MC. I purchased the ingredients at Whole Foods. Everything to get started cost $35. I will need fresh organic lemons and more water.

I have been reading the book Lose Weight, Have More Energy Be Happier in 10 Days. Now who does not want that? I have done fast throughout my life but have never done a true Master Cleanse. I have prepared myself mentally and my family will be preparing their own food.

Today I will eat only fruits and veggies to make a smoother transition. I am enjoying my last pot of coffee, yes, I said pot. And I did have a copped beef barbeque sandwich with chips at Ironworks last night. I enjoyed every bit too.

My primary goal is to feel better and lose weight. Further I would like to reduce my coffee and sweets cravings. I’ll keep track of my journey here. We’ll see the results in ten days.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slumped Bootle on Painted Table

                                      Took some bottles out of the kiln. I love the deep green.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Projects for Spring

Seed Bomb Banners, cards and bombs

How to make your own. I used paper from an old appliqué project.

Recycled clay and recycled paper to make seed bombs for spring gifts and party favors.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Steps to a Healthy Neighborhood - BadArt

Shop close to home
Every online deal is not a deal. For example, I wanted to save money but I had waited 7 days for a cheap online battery that did not work. I’m still waiting for a refund from a state side address that delivered from China. My local Batteries Plus shop owner told me how to save my battery life and would have saved me time if I had gone there first.
Local Shop Owners Want to Know
Ask local shops if they could carry items you purchase often on line. They may even deliver. Sign up for local news letters that may help you save money and tell business when they are doing something wrong. Small businesses can change and grow and thrive with our help. I buy online because it is easy buying local can be easy too.
Better Environmental Choice
You may save by gas not driving but calling locally will save too. Local guys can order in bulk and have items in days making it a greener choice. Buying local is giving to the community. Give local shops a chance before pushing purchase online. Local shops are giving knowledge, taxes and hiring employees. Helping your local economy helps everyone.
Austin Business Alliance says “for every $100 spent at a locally owned store, $45 stays here. But shopping at a chain store leaves only $13.” There is nothing worse than a dying neighborhood. Making local purchases opens ties to community and builds a thriving local economy. Buy local and American when possible.

Della Badart worked for years as a newspaper Advertising Sales Representative. In that position she has seen many businesses grow and many fail. Local businesses build it and hope you will come. Please give them the opportunity to be successful. Be apart of the change.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do you think more privileges would help teen be more responsible?

Do you think more privileges would help teen be more responsible?

My freshman is smart but has been failing one class all year because of poor habits.  He forgets to turn in work, studies for the test minutes before the test.  A good friend suggest I give him more privileges and when he is doing poor immediately take them away.  If he has more to lose he will work harder.  My goal is to make him a responsible adult.   

We are talking about giving him later curfew times  and an excuse from dinner a few days a week.  We will add to this as he gets older.   In return he will do his chores without asking and have good grades. 

ps. He thinks we are too strict. 
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dealing with Daily Depression

Depression is a sinister evil I must fight every day. Most people who know me would never even think I suffered from depression. Ha, ha I’ve got them fooled. I have not found the right medicine or the best doctor. I have found a plan that keeps me light and bright. There are several things on my regimen that keep the blues at bay. 

First and far most I have a plan. Sounds simple but if you have depression it is essential. I wake up early and chauffer children to school. When I return home I have a set amount of time I can loiter on the computer. That is the time I answer emails look at kittens and indulge the email beast. I make time to work out; I work out hard so that I might get my endorphins engaged. My goal is the runners high, the euphoria. This is good.

I work in a restaurant during the mid day. When I am there I am surrounded by young energetic, happy go lucky people and the guest who like it when their server is, well, happy. So, on days I don’t feel happy I fake it and most days it makes me feel happy. I am happy to come home tired and ready to greet my family and have a good meal. I enjoy making good healthy meals while listening to the radio.

I try to have an event or entertainment planed after dinner also. I may exercise again, crochet or work in my studio. The old saying idle hands are the devils work shop comes to mind. If my hands are busy My mind is at rest. Before bed I plan my next day.

For me the best thing I can do is do the things I enjoy. Crafting painting, reading and I have designed my day to force me out of the house to engage with others in a positive way. A few years ago my sister was fighting cancer and I lost control of the fight with depression and only did what needed to be done. I had crying jags and no desire to do anything. I would spend hours playing a silly game on the computer hiding. When my sister died I felt lost. But My sister was awesome I think she would have been pissed with me wallowing in pity. I’m the person I am because of her and I refuse to live half a life because of depression. So, I’ve got a plan.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clear Clutter with Coffee Tin Cubbies

Coffe Can Cubbies
Cubbies maximize space so you can store everything on your desk in a convenient space. The cans are mix of industrial and convenience with a funky edge. Pick up your drill, a few nuts and bolts to recycle your own ultra modern space savers. A youtube video will walk you through the process or click on for step by step directions.  And if you lack the time to create your own click here to get your ready to hang cubbies.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Plan for Your Best Year

I’m ready for the New Year with a game plan for my best life.
I have specific goals for the main areas of my life. My largest goal is to achieve balance. Confirming my specific desires keeps me focused on success. I have specific goals for family, spiritual development and career. The goals work together to create the balance I’m looking for.
Working on Balance
Make a list starting with the three main areas. Next write a crazy list with all your goals. Pair that list down to realistic needs and wants. Make a plan of how you will achieve specific goals. Focus on one goal from each area every month to six weeks and get it done. Divide and conquer.
Today I’m looking over my list as I make my black-eyed-peas. I’ll eat fruit and exercise today. Later, I’ll have wonderfully healthy dinner with my family (working on some of my goals) we’ll listen to music and enjoy each others company. And I’ll get a good night sleep after sharing quality time with my spouse. I’ll wake up refreshed a tackle my career goals. I just need to keep this up for the rest of the year!!!