Monday, November 26, 2007

Finish Line

A journey starts with one step and relating a healthy life style begins at birth. I have never been competitive though I am athletic. So, when I haul my boys, 8 and 10, out for hikes, rowing, swimming, tennis and the play ground I am passing on my life long habits. All the things I enjoy are free and can be done for a life time. I leave the organized sports to my competitive husband.

Any pregnant woman pictures their child at every stage of life. I pictured my sons walking, biking and generally active. I have walked to keep in shape and would tear up when I saw a family on a walk or a mother running with a daughter. Oh, boy. My kids had been in runs with me but never with their feet on the ground. I dreamed of enjoying a 5K on an equal footing.

Thanksgiving Day we walked the Turkey Trot, a five miler around Austin Texas. We joked and laughed and decided we could not have another Thanksgiving with out this experience. The boys loved the pre race excitement, music, food and just wild atmosphere. We've already planned our next race the Jingle Bell Run. And I see many more races in our future. Darn where are those Kleenex.

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