Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farmer's Market Jewels

The best part of having a plan and a budget for grocery shopping is specialty shopping. That includes stores focused on organic, bulk shopping centers and farmer’s markets. A recent trip to he Austin Farmer’s Market in Sunset Valley I bought some mushrooms, peaches and had a great breakfast. I did enjoy the beautiful jewelry of Found Fusion and a silk screen artist Racecar. I love the energy and the fresh organic foods at the market.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 6

I have officially broken the fast today. I had a brown rice, shrimp, romaine and fresh tomato salad. I made shrimp tacos for the family and I could not say no! I am weak and it was delicious. I did great at work and I will continue to fast through the days until I reach my goal weight. That is 11 pounds and counting

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Four & Five

Coffee, one cup and water with lemon. I had spicy V8 later and more water with lemon. I made cabbage, onion soup seasoned with fresh spices, bouillon and sea salt. The soup is really nice and I can see changes. My skin has small break outs. I am active in spurs, doing static exercises and stretches.

Day five back a work I had coffee and water with lemon. Before work I had a large cup of broth. I had a water at work and felt wonderful late in the day I had a V8. I am most active at work but slow down my breath and do mini meditation when working on simple task.

I’m enjoying large broth now. I had a cool herbal mint, strawberry mix of teas with honey and lemon. Yummy. I could not resist a cup of cherries.
One thing I know, after this fast I will think about what I put in my body.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Technically, I am no longer on the Seneca Fast

Day Three

Yes, I keep breaking the rules with one cup of coffee to start the day. I woke op feeling great and watered down a pot of split pea soup and drank lots of water. I drank a large cup of the soup and decided to stick with the fast for the third day. Feeling good kept my spirit up and I still have nothing on my schedule. So, I drank soup, tea and water. Late in the day I had a small apple and later box of raisin. Ooops. I had spicy V8 at dinner time and I watered down some mashed potatoes and had a cup later in the night.

Technically, I am no longer on the Seneca Fast. Fruit on the first day really did help me move into the fast. I will use this as a transition to every fast. My longest fast was ten days. I am not trying to set a record however I would like to keep it up as long as I feel good. I have had a long standing weight issue and this maybe the best way I know how to handle it. I don’t have a problem maintaining my weight but I have been stuck at a certain point for too a long time!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Two: Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet

OK, before bed I ate the other half of my melon and drank some water. However, I slept well, and woke up feeling great. I drank a cup of coffee. I know, and two glasses of water. My stomach cramped a little but I had lots of energy and went to the park early to enjoy the cool morning. In Austin the days are often 100 degrees easy so a cool75 degree is golden. I had a walk in a butterfly garden, doodled and look at my goals for the weekend.

After more water and another cup of tea I went to work. I wait tables at a local restaurant. No hunger all and I had my usual glass of water with lemon mid-day. I had a lot of energy too. Coming home I was a bit grouchy but a glass of tea fixed me up. I am drinking an herbal mint with a teaspoon of honey.

Went shopping and was feeling OK but not great. Home finally at 7:30 I put on the kettle and did a meditation and a light stretch. I’ve just completed my tea and plan to relax and watch a movie. I’m sure I’ll have more water and tea before bed.

Tomorrow I will have vegetables. I can’t wait to eat a tomato from my garden! See you tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet

I am on day one of Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet and I feel pretty good. I just had half a wonderful honeydew melon. I had a banana, too, sorry. I also had blackberries, cherry tomatoes, apples and oranges. I am drinking lots of water and I look forward to the teas I have for tomorrow.

I was at work all day and ate the tomatoes there because I forgot my fruit supply. When I returned home and ate the berries I was immediately rejuvenated. I had the fruit afterward and the melon for dinner?

Water is a big help. I have lots of fruit and I made a quick dinner for the family and ate my melon with them I have other fruits to eat if I get hungry before bed. I did my fifteen day shopping this morning and bought my supplies for this diet.

I check back in tomorrow. When I will be drinking teas all day. Nothing else.

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day two


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grocery Shopping

My biggest time saver is grocery shopping with a purpose; I do my major shopping only twice a month. I plan 15 dinners and have food for breakfast, lunch and snacks. It is a monumental task with two boys and a hungry husband. Planning makes it work.


There are certain ingredients no kitchen should be without; most of the essential items can be bought in bulk. Staples include non-perishables like rice, couscous, salt, pepper, some spices, pastas and toiletries. Buy in bulk, replenish as needed and try to buy on sale.

Junk Food

I attempt to choose healthy options with the least amount of processed food as possible. Cooking from scratch helps. That being said if you have a few precious items and staples you will never want for a good meal. My 12 and 14-year-old boys have been able to make several meals for years. Starting simple and having a good cookbook will increase anyone’s skills over time. I leave the fruit all over the house like flowers. Since it is one of the only quick meals it is eaten. I buy frozen foods because my children enjoy corndogs and fish sticks and the like. It also gives them a chance to cook meals from start to finish with confidence.

Second, shop the perimeter. My local store has toiletries on one end and produce at the other with dairy, and meat in between. Having a list helps. If you make your time on the inside isles of the grocery limited you will eat better and save money.

Balance between fresh and canned, frozen or dried. In addition, some things we prefer to buy fresh, fish, shrimp should be purchased after fresh goods are eaten. Use fresh foods first. Antipasto, tuna, canned goods are great supplements. Try freezing your fresh veggies. With the right balance you can have tasty meals for two weeks.

Impulse Buys

Make your list for healthy meals, have budget, and stick to it. Allow discretionary funds to purchase milk, fruits and other perishables the second week. You can also buy soymilk, which keeps so you don’t have to return for two weeks. Allow three impulse buys and no more, if you must.

Have fun and enjoy your meals. Be sure to build in quick easy meals when time or energy is limited. Take your time and talk to each other, say grace or be thankful. Spend some time sharing your day with the people you love. Make dinner time a no TV, phone, games so you are not distracted from your meal.

Della Badart