Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Black and Proud

I moved from Key West Florida back to Texas 10 years ago. Soon after ward I driving like the Houstonian I am cut off a gentleman in my car and was called a "Niger". Astonished I looked into the car of the angry man and began to laugh. It was a belly roll of a laugh. I felt truly sorry for the man; I had been rude , dangerous at worst and his limited mental state wanted to hurt me with a foolish word. When I laughed; his eyes flamed and there could have been smoke coming from his ears. I had not heard someone say that word in anger in a decade at least.

I tell this story because I believe we waste far too much time validating immature behavior. Stick and stones. Lets take the BAD words out and shake them off. If you mean when you say Niger a full figured, thick lipped, kinky haired, almond eyed, creamy brown or startling black skinned individual I'll stand up proud and say thanks. Or shack your head or laugh out loud and smile. Take the power away by not over reacting or reacting in anger. There are other words that need a good shake this is one that could use some ignoring.

Black And Proud

Try reading

Authentically Black (Paperback)by John McWhorter (Author) "Black America today is permeated by a new kind of double consciousness that has strayed far beyond the one Du Bois examined in 1903..." (more)
Key Phrases: new double consciousness, new black history, hulled empty, Affirmative Action, The Debt, New York (more...)

I heard him on NPR today and he reminded me of my story.

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