Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Weekend

The run was fabulous and we had major clutter clean up this week end. My house and my body feel renewed. I am cleaning up so I can move on to bigger and better things. My main focus is my butt, my art as a business, my family and my home. Everything is good and can only get better.

I have already had to break up a fight between my sons, nothing major but it sent me into screaming crazy mommy mode. HATE IT but how do you stop this cycle? On the positive ledger I had a good walk and decided to be more organized in stopping the fights in our house. I’ll be getting this book about behavior in teens and doing some research and soul searching. Help me Lord.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day

The weather is crisp and wonderful. Usually our family makes or buys pizza. No one is up for making it so tonight there will be pasta for dinner. I love Austin and I am running in the Capital 10k on Sunday; it is my second time with my son. The weather looks good and we'll have a big fat roast tomorrow with pasta to get us ready. We are not involved in team sports however we are an active family. I’ll have a pot of vegetarian chile waiting for us when we get home perfect for the weather.

I am working on cleaning out the clutter this weekend. I made good head way and have some items on Craig’s List. Some one could use my collection of 34oz coffee post and a broken sliding glass door. I have a sofa that must go this weekend I ‘m going to put my oatmeal and grit pots on Craig’ List too. I need to clear out useless stuff.