Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Step to more money, time & better health

I like to share recycling ideas; I am pretty extreme.  I hope by seeing some of my habits people can pick a few they can live with to make a better world.

Shopping List saves money, gas and time

I create my shopping list from the items  on hand and recipes for two weeks of meals. This way I rarely have wasted food and I save time and money. I buy all the ingredients to prepare dishes and I post my grocery list/menu on the fridge so my family can pull out a dinner without wrecking another meal.

I also carry this main list to the farmers market so I bring home what I need to complete meals not something that will rot. I will shop for perishables milk, fruit and on those trips I’ll pick up fresh fish or seafood.

This means less trip to the store, more planed healthy meals. It doesn't just save money it's good for you too. 

I suggest you plug in your family standards.  For example we eat pizza every Friday.  Two days done.  I have a few simple meals my kids and husband can make on hand. This helps if I am late, busy or tired.  Also, balance fresh with frozen, pickled or canned.  I hvae a few meals I can make double spagehtti sauce  to use with our version of sloppy joes.  I just pop the extra sauce in the freezer.  The key is planning. 
Real Simple has an awesome Take Back Dinner Challenge that is usper helpful.

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