Sunday, September 11, 2011

What not to do if some one breaks a bone.

House Park Broken Bones

Well, we got the call yesterday at about 5:30. My son broke his arm at House Skate Park. Another mom there with her younger kids brought him Brackenridge. I can not thank her enough; I was there a long 25, 30 minutes later. The break was bad; his wrist bones were crossed one almost coming out of the skin. The Doctor who usually handles these cases grimaced, "That is ugly.” True to heart my boy asked about his board before he got on the ambulance to move from Brackenridge to Dell Children’s Hospital so I hope this is the least of injuries to come. The staff at both hospitals were supeior making the best of a bad situation.

I learned a few things from this tragedy. First, I could not have stopped it. I can try to insure his safety by getting a promise that he will never skate alone. Second, I will find him the coolest helmet; but I can’t make him wear it. Finally, if someone is injured do not give them food or drink. This might be nice but if they need to go into surgery it can be very dangerous. Any food or drink can come up into the lungs while the patient is under anesthesia. And always grab a sweater on the way to the hospital.

Love you all. No skating for at least 6-8 weeks

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