Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daring Rescue

Daring Turtle Rescue

A turtle crossing a four lane road in Austin, Texas was rescued by a man in Honda Accord. I was turning left from Manchaca to Davis when I notice something  large in inside south bound lane crossing Manchaca, a Turtle.   I paniced in the left turn lane next to the turtle.  Suddenly  a dark colored Accord, going south,  stopped and a tall, bald man stopped in front of the turtle.   He  picked up the turtle and  ran across three lanes, moving north,  to deposited the turtle on the other side of the road. I stayed in the left turn lane waving to on coming traffic hoping no one would rear end the good Samaritan's car. Two cars swung by hooking not knowing of this daring rescue.    I’m glad I witnessed it. Thank you, and I’m sure the turtle thanks you too.

A real hero does  the right thing even when no one is looking.

stock photo Bob Moul May 4

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