Thursday, September 22, 2011

Plan A Family Day

How to plan a Family Day

Like most families sometimes all our circles are moving in different directions. I decided to insist on time to reconnect regularly. I have two teenagers and a husband with a crazy schedule so I planned the day around dad. In the morning I made a family favorite dish that required a dose of cheese and heating up to be table ready. We lingered over dinner laughing and talking over how things were and any changes. The days have been loooong and hot so we took advantage of the cooler afternoon with a walk. I chose an area close to home and not too busy. We actually had the trails to our selves. I got to hold hands and ask serious questions. Through the long walk Mom and Dad got a little alone time with each boy and we connected as a family. I feel like our batteries were recharged and we are in sync again. I little undivided attention is all we needed.

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