Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Four & Five

Coffee, one cup and water with lemon. I had spicy V8 later and more water with lemon. I made cabbage, onion soup seasoned with fresh spices, bouillon and sea salt. The soup is really nice and I can see changes. My skin has small break outs. I am active in spurs, doing static exercises and stretches.

Day five back a work I had coffee and water with lemon. Before work I had a large cup of broth. I had a water at work and felt wonderful late in the day I had a V8. I am most active at work but slow down my breath and do mini meditation when working on simple task.

I’m enjoying large broth now. I had a cool herbal mint, strawberry mix of teas with honey and lemon. Yummy. I could not resist a cup of cherries.
One thing I know, after this fast I will think about what I put in my body.

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