Sunday, June 12, 2011

Technically, I am no longer on the Seneca Fast

Day Three

Yes, I keep breaking the rules with one cup of coffee to start the day. I woke op feeling great and watered down a pot of split pea soup and drank lots of water. I drank a large cup of the soup and decided to stick with the fast for the third day. Feeling good kept my spirit up and I still have nothing on my schedule. So, I drank soup, tea and water. Late in the day I had a small apple and later box of raisin. Ooops. I had spicy V8 at dinner time and I watered down some mashed potatoes and had a cup later in the night.

Technically, I am no longer on the Seneca Fast. Fruit on the first day really did help me move into the fast. I will use this as a transition to every fast. My longest fast was ten days. I am not trying to set a record however I would like to keep it up as long as I feel good. I have had a long standing weight issue and this maybe the best way I know how to handle it. I don’t have a problem maintaining my weight but I have been stuck at a certain point for too a long time!

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