Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dealing with Daily Depression

Depression is a sinister evil I must fight every day. Most people who know me would never even think I suffered from depression. Ha, ha I’ve got them fooled. I have not found the right medicine or the best doctor. I have found a plan that keeps me light and bright. There are several things on my regimen that keep the blues at bay. 

First and far most I have a plan. Sounds simple but if you have depression it is essential. I wake up early and chauffer children to school. When I return home I have a set amount of time I can loiter on the computer. That is the time I answer emails look at kittens and indulge the email beast. I make time to work out; I work out hard so that I might get my endorphins engaged. My goal is the runners high, the euphoria. This is good.

I work in a restaurant during the mid day. When I am there I am surrounded by young energetic, happy go lucky people and the guest who like it when their server is, well, happy. So, on days I don’t feel happy I fake it and most days it makes me feel happy. I am happy to come home tired and ready to greet my family and have a good meal. I enjoy making good healthy meals while listening to the radio.

I try to have an event or entertainment planed after dinner also. I may exercise again, crochet or work in my studio. The old saying idle hands are the devils work shop comes to mind. If my hands are busy My mind is at rest. Before bed I plan my next day.

For me the best thing I can do is do the things I enjoy. Crafting painting, reading and I have designed my day to force me out of the house to engage with others in a positive way. A few years ago my sister was fighting cancer and I lost control of the fight with depression and only did what needed to be done. I had crying jags and no desire to do anything. I would spend hours playing a silly game on the computer hiding. When my sister died I felt lost. But My sister was awesome I think she would have been pissed with me wallowing in pity. I’m the person I am because of her and I refuse to live half a life because of depression. So, I’ve got a plan.

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