Monday, January 2, 2012

Plan for Your Best Year

I’m ready for the New Year with a game plan for my best life.
I have specific goals for the main areas of my life. My largest goal is to achieve balance. Confirming my specific desires keeps me focused on success. I have specific goals for family, spiritual development and career. The goals work together to create the balance I’m looking for.
Working on Balance
Make a list starting with the three main areas. Next write a crazy list with all your goals. Pair that list down to realistic needs and wants. Make a plan of how you will achieve specific goals. Focus on one goal from each area every month to six weeks and get it done. Divide and conquer.
Today I’m looking over my list as I make my black-eyed-peas. I’ll eat fruit and exercise today. Later, I’ll have wonderfully healthy dinner with my family (working on some of my goals) we’ll listen to music and enjoy each others company. And I’ll get a good night sleep after sharing quality time with my spouse. I’ll wake up refreshed a tackle my career goals. I just need to keep this up for the rest of the year!!!

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