Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Steps to a Healthy Neighborhood - BadArt

Shop close to home
Every online deal is not a deal. For example, I wanted to save money but I had waited 7 days for a cheap online battery that did not work. I’m still waiting for a refund from a state side address that delivered from China. My local Batteries Plus shop owner told me how to save my battery life and would have saved me time if I had gone there first.
Local Shop Owners Want to Know
Ask local shops if they could carry items you purchase often on line. They may even deliver. Sign up for local news letters that may help you save money and tell business when they are doing something wrong. Small businesses can change and grow and thrive with our help. I buy online because it is easy buying local can be easy too.
Better Environmental Choice
You may save by gas not driving but calling locally will save too. Local guys can order in bulk and have items in days making it a greener choice. Buying local is giving to the community. Give local shops a chance before pushing purchase online. Local shops are giving knowledge, taxes and hiring employees. Helping your local economy helps everyone.
Austin Business Alliance says “for every $100 spent at a locally owned store, $45 stays here. But shopping at a chain store leaves only $13.” There is nothing worse than a dying neighborhood. Making local purchases opens ties to community and builds a thriving local economy. Buy local and American when possible.

Della Badart worked for years as a newspaper Advertising Sales Representative. In that position she has seen many businesses grow and many fail. Local businesses build it and hope you will come. Please give them the opportunity to be successful. Be apart of the change.

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