Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tipping Debate

Severs in Texas make 2.13 per hour by law. Their income is supplemented by tips paid for services given to guest. Restaurants are prepared to service a variable number of guest on any given day because of this arrangement. Servers are given the opportunity to make an above average wage if the restaurant is busy and the patrons tip adequately. They are gambling that they will make above minimum wage; many will make far less than minimum wage some much more. If restaurants were forced to pay minimum wage to all servers the average cost of a meal would increase. Also, restaurants could not afford to be staffed adequately to give the best service. Further, servers pay income taxes on 8% of their sales. The restaurant and the wait staff rely on patrons tipping minimum of 15%.

I say the restaurant is reliant on the patrons tipping 15% or more because the restaurant can fail due to poor service. A restaurant will not retain good servers if they are not paid well. If a patron is given poor service they can immediately let the sever know by giving a poor tip. If the patron should also tell management; good management will ascertain if this was a bad day due to circumstances or if the server does not meet the restaurant’s standards of on a regular basis. Either way the server will suffer. These are a few of the reasons to tip at least 15%. There are times when patrons should tip more than 15%.

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