Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

We have been working to renovate my kitchen the past few months. Like most families we do not have a huge budget and we do not work with credit in any way. Because of this we have broken down the project into small manageable areas of work.

A few years ago with the help of my father and brother we knocked out a pass through to up date the living room and kitchen area. The galley kitchen is open and has a more contemporary look thus updating the entire house.

Next we moved to the upper cabinets because they were in good shape. This also allowed us to add a splash of color. We decided on a vibrant green and stainless steal accents with the knobs and a stainless steel exhaust hood.
The job was relatively cheap compared to the cost of new cabinets. I removed cabinet doors, sanded and painted. I added new hardware. The color and hardware made a perfect first fix.

Our main goal was to find structurally sound cabinets that would last future remodels. We approached Home Depot to get a base line quote and did not find the quality or price we liked. We looked into custom however the cost was out side our budget. We decided on a Whole sale supplier which has excellent quality. We went with cherry wood doors, the sides and back are all plywood normally an upgrade was standard. Because of budget constraints’ we went with a butch block and a laminate mix all from Ikea for the counter tops. Because we have quality cabinets we can upgrade the counters at a later date.

We bought many products at the wholesale supply warehouse where we purchased the cabinets. The cost was excellent. The exhaust hood, sink, and faucet were bought here. We went to Home Depot for the garbage disposal and additional parts for installation. We also saved by shopping at a scratch and dent shop for our dish washer. We got the top of the line model Frigidaire and will purchase a stove to match at a later date. The receipts are attached if you would like to see prices. We are in the final stages with the backslash and some finishing work. However, we have spent $2100.00 so far .

I expect to spend $600 on stove and up to $300 on the tiles for the backsplash which we will install. My brother is donating a fridge because he is purchasing stainless steel.

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