Sunday, March 7, 2010

Health Care Reform

We have allowed politicians to incorporate the extremist view on health care as American’s view point. I don’t know about you but I’m mad as hell. Our families insurance rates have gone up every year so has our deductible. Thank God we are healthy.

Texas implemented Tort reform years ago. The politicians said it would help the cost of health care. What, help the doctors, the insurance companies. Who did it help. Texas still has the least insured people in the nation. I think we pay so much because we have to supplement so many people with no insurance.

I switch careers when Bush was gung ho about helping Americans with health care. He pushed
Health Savings accounts. Well, for everybody I spoke with the burden was too high. It sounds good, usually to people with lots of money, because you pay health care bills with untaxed money. The problems is you must pay your regular premium and pay into the savings account simultaneously. I sat with single mothers and wealthy executives who could not pull this out of their budget. Than Bush decide to give Seniors confusing pharmacy plans. How’s your Grandparents coping with that small print.

I lived in the Netherlands and found their system to be exceptional. Yes, they pay lots in taxes however the system is streamlined for optimal care. Everyone is insured and pays a minimal rate for quality care. As Americans, we’ve got to face facts, we already pay for the uninsured to get care. With changes we can slow down the rising cost, take poor general care out of the Emergency room and stabilize the system. Our system is in triage at this point ready to fall from it’s own weight.

Moderates need to talk to the government and take the reins out of extremist hands. I want care for my family and others. Hospital and insurance cost will level off and start to come down it more people pay into the system. Mandatory insurance is the way they do it in Holland. It works there. I don’t want a Politian with a knee jerk response to any question left or right. I say that as an independent. Tell your elected official to stop playing politics with our lives and look at real families in need. Maybe families would be better off with a new system. We deserve legislators who will consider all points not just their election points.

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