Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three steps to a fun family Day

Experiences Make Lasting Memories

A bonding experience with your family does not have to be expensive or elaborate. However, I do believe they should happen regularly. As children get older activities get harder to plan. Carve out a time that works for everyone and set it in stone. Nobody gets a pass. I also believe this should be a family only time. Be creative a few hours stolen here and there add up.

Plan an activity that everybody likes or no one has done before. A family hike, a walk in the park, tossing the football could be some examples. Game night, monopoly, cards, life or get mom on a video game you might besurprised. My family loves playing charades. It does not matter as long as everybody is involved.

Food is always a good way to keep things interesting. Let every one help cook a simple meal. You could put together something simple that does not keep one person locked to the stove. I like one pot dishes, roasted store bought chicken with sides is also a good choice. Take out. Food is not the star the family interaction takes center stage on this night.

So set a time, choose an activity and make some memories.

My Last Family Night

With three boys I usually start fun days with food. This time I picked up a few kayaking voucher on Living Social so I thought a picnic would be perfect. The picnic was mostly prepared foods except the sandwiches.

Because my hubby works most weekends we gathered after school and headed to Town Lake Rowing Center. This venue is close so we did not waste time getting to the fun. We rowed for about an hour pulled into a picture perfect inlet and ate our dinner. We laughed and looked at a hawk, teased and had a great time. It was a windy afternoon not perfect for rowing and we apologize the team we cut off in the lanes but we won‘t forget it. And we found another fun family activity we will do again.

Tuna sandwiches
Baby carrots
Small cooler
Freezer bags

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