Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Slow Down

I contribute my SLOW pace to living in Key West and the Netherlands. It made me particular about what took control of my day. There are several things I did to keep myself on island time after leaving the island.

* I live in a central location.
* Dinner is a priority, not only what we eat but how we eat.
* I work close to home with hours that leave time for my family.
* I don't want or need every new gadget or trend on the market.
* I meditate or am quiet: no radio, TV, computer, etc. for a time every day.
* I limit TV, computer, radio time.
* I react instantly only to my top priorities, Family being number one.

So if your a little stressed out maybe you can relax your schedule by prioritizing your life. Cut out energy drains like having to see a particular TV show, eating crappy food or stressing out because you don't have the newest or best whatever! Tonight turn off the TV and the phone and cook a simple meal and enjoy a great conversation with the people in the room. Meditate tomorrow about moving closer to work.

Della Badart

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