Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter REnewal

Easter Is a time for change, renewal. I have had great epiphanies at this time of year. Basically, moving from anger and resentment to hope. Moving on, acceptance, that's what this time means to me.
My family is well into our garden and I have started a project with some small pots. I have cleaned them up and will paint them. I like to start where I am when doing a project. Like most of us I have a tremendous amount of resources at my disposal. I try to go shopping as a last resort. Lets see how my project turns out.

* What are you upset about, a lingering issue?
* Can you change it...Or do you need to accept it?
* Release old projects that no longer interest you or have lost importance.

* Start or finish what needs to be done.
* Break down goals into manageable chucks and eat 'em up.
* Make this spring be the one that changes your life for the better!

I have decided many things are good now and will only get better. I'm making small steady steps to compete and complete goals. It's all good!

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