Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Boy, we've been here before as a country so I know we can get through it. There will be difficult times ahead for our leaders and I hope this group of legislators can help the American people to prosperity. We have philosophical differences but Americans must see we have more that binds than separate. We are seeking the same high ground we only have a different views on how to get there. There are many paths to success neighbors, families and friends will bring us to the best options for growth and productivity.

The Tea Parties desires to cut the budget is right. Obama's campaign to give businesses incentives to bring jobs home is correct. Incentives like tax breaks should be tied to jobs and growth. Consumer can help this incentive by placing their dollars on products that create jobs, display a interest in the environment and safety. Working together is how we will succeed.

Trickle down theory helped to inflate the stock market in the 80's and 90's because if you give extra income to those on the top they will utilize the easiest option. It would be easy to practice isolationism and move away from green technologies. However, this will create trade wars and push American further dependence on an oil/coal based economy. Clinton worked with a Republican Congress to bring us a balance budget and prosperity; I'm sure Obama can do it too.

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