Monday, November 1, 2010

I have a dream...

Years ago sitting in a field with my best friends in Alief, Texas we looked into the future and said we wanted our children to be raise there. It's not the same place anymore; the Norman Rockwell picture of my youth has disappeared. But last night I realized though I am not in Alief I have capture the idealized feeling of Austin, Texas. Last night we went to our regular haunts, pun intended, and had a really fun Halloween. My oldest (13) went out with a few friends, some of his last trick-o-treat fun, maybe. My youngest arranged to meet a friend. The crowd was familiar and the streets safe as the homes welcomed the children and adults alike. My husband I escorted from a safe distance and made sure the kids were polite. They got a respectably haul of treats with no tricks. And I am happy to say though miles away I have lived up to that childhood dream after all.

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