Monday, July 25, 2011



America is in a crazy dance where our political system is broken. I believe it is broken due to voter apathy. Most registered voters are too busy even if interested they don’t read, listen and know all the options available. What has happened is the extremes run the party. These people have a vested interest in the out comes because it affects their pocket books or values. These extremist make a lot of noise or work clandestinely. Because they make a lot of noise or have power they control the debate that trickles down to the majority. The majority is you and I; the busy people who assume we have elected reasonable people to make good and decent decision to run our country. Obviously we were wrong.

The problem with the majorities rational thought is we have been negligent in our attention; we have failed the system. 40.9 percent of registered voters voted in the last election. The extremist run the system and this has gotten America in to this ridiculous situation. Rational people can do not make up their minds about a situation before all options are available. Anyone so ridged that they have made up their minds before the debate has started is childish and ignorant. I am pointing my fingers in every direction. I have no dog in this fight. The Democrats, Republicans and especially the Tea Party followers are wrong. The Majorities have blindly given up to special interest, hooligans and extremist on all sides.

All sides are at fault. When it comes to the debt all parties need to sacrifice. Elected officials who can THINK and make decisions with out throwing out ridged ultimatums should be encouraged. Those who have lined themselves up with extreme few points with out considering the American People should not be reelected. I am asking you to call or write the most extreme politicians and tell them what you think. Tell them to consider what is best for our country not their reelection. And those who can THINK and Deliver without holding the other side hostage will win along with the American people.

Watch one less silly video on line or skip a rerun on the tub. Let’s take back the system from the extremist who think all or nothing. 40.0 percent voted to make this majority in the house; therefore less than half of reasonable people stood up to be counted. We, the majority, don’t have to march on Washington but we do have to do something. Write or call NOW and VOTE in the next election. Register and take the time to find logical people without grand allegiances to party, corporate power or their own power grab and let’s put them in office. Let’s take the system away from the folks who make the most noise. They are the minority. Get out of the shadows and be heard. It is not too late.

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