Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Potato Soup

I'm so disapointed with the world right now I'm going to concentrate on food. Healthcare has been high jacked by those with the biggest mouths, Toyota is highjacked by politicians and Tiger Wood, frankly who give a rats....
I'm happy with the Olympics; I only wished we were better sports all the way around. Media is making me crazy just focusing on raw meat.

I chopped peppers, onions to sauted in butter for broth. I diced potatoes, about 6 cups. I topped off my veggie mix with water and added my potatoes, the water to cover them. Salt to taste and add a boullion cube if you like more flavor. Because my boys are sooo hungry I added some Jimmy Dean Sausages however the soup is fine without meat too. I'll make grille chees sandwiches with montery jack but a loaf of crusty, or french bread would be fine.
We'll watche the Olympics and eat our soup tonight!

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